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consisting of:

  • shaving brush with 21 mm ring, Black Badger hair
  • handle of high-grade resin black with black metal parts 
  • 5-blade-razor, compatible with Gillette® Fusion™ 
  • stand made of metal, black 
  • ORGANIC - Shaving cream from MÜHLE (75 ml)
  • shaving towel (1 pieces)

This all black set is exclusively available as a gift set. It is not sold as a single piece.

The Material - High-grade resin

High-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material, the surface of which is processed and refined separately. The material is ideal for exclusive accessories and writing implements because it facilitates a broad spectrum of modern and classical designs in many attractive colours.

To begin with, the aesthetic basic shapes for brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods. Then each individual work piece is polished in several passes to give the surface its special gleam. This processing method lends the models a pleasant feel and secures their beauty for many years to come.

The Brushhead - Black Badger

Black Badger hair is substantially firmer than any other badger hair and solid black in color. It suites shavers who value the backbone of a shaving brush and a tangible massage effect rather than the softness. The careful processing is done mechanically in accordance with the highest standards.

The Razorhead - Gillette® Fusion™

The latest shaving system from Gillette® embraces five blades positioned one above the other as well as a precision edging blade located on the back of the cartridge. This design ensures a very close and gentle shave. Its simple and safe handling is ideal even for newcomers. The blades are available from retailers everywhere.

ORGANIC - Shaving cream from MÜHLE 

Light, smooth consistency with high conditioning factor, enabling the blade to glide effortlessly during the wet shave. Argan oil is particularly rich in vitamin E and essential fatty acids.

Its valuable active ingredients nourish and protect the skin. Creamy waxes and nurturing glycerine already optimise the hydro-lipid balance of the skin while shaving. The shaving cream is vegan and contains no synthetic preservatives, aromatic substances or colourants.

BDIH certified organic skincare.

Shaving towels from MÜHLE, waffle piqué

Applied shaving culture: Anyone who has ever been shaved by a barber knows about the delight of perfect shaving preparation which begins by placing a hot towel on the areas to be shaved. MÜHLE shaving towels made of fine waffle piqué are designed precisely for this purpose.

Due to its square relief structure the cotton texture absorbs a great deal of moisture and retains the soothing heat during application. After the shave, the soft material pampers once again during cleaning and drying the face.

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