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11Apr True Style has to Come from Within: Q & A with Mark Powell

We recently interviewed our Carnaby neighbour and style icon, Mark Powell. Established in 1985,  Powell was one of the first to successfully bridge the gap between the traditions of Savile Row and contemporary street style and is renowned for his nostalgically and classically inspired tailoring, combined with experimental cuts and styling. Here’s an extract from our interview with him:

According to you, what defines good style?

Basically, you have either got it or you have not. Style does not have to do with money or background, it is a very personal thing. 

So it cannot be taught?

Yes, to a certain amount it can be taught. There are some great mentors. For example, Hollywood Stars like Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Cary Grant, a lot of these guys have been incredibly stylish.

These men were very elegant, do you think elegance is still something that men aspire to? 

A lot of young people now, if they are not wearing totally sportswear and try to look more stylish it is very nostalgic. But you have to be careful: it is a thin line between nostalgic and looking like wearing a costume. Like all those men at Pitti Uomo. They do not look stylish, they look laughable because you can tell they are not naturally dressing like that. Style has to come from within.

Is there something that has to be absolutely avoided?

There are so many rules about style but actually, it‘s about who is wearing something and how they do it. For example, there is a lot of laughing about the 70ties style. But the point is, some people can make even big flares look very cool because they wear them with a certain panache.

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