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13Jan Stay-at-Home Shaving Rituals

Need a little stay-at-home manpering inspiration? Look no further! 

MÜHLE Head Barber Elliot Forbes shows how it's done in this 40 second demo.


Get the kit! 

Here's what Elliot used if you're after a little stay-at-home manpering for yourself: 

1) Rose Gold Safety Razor (closed comb). We recommend adding an additional pack of blades to your cart to keep you going for a while.

2) Argan Oil: Also known as Moroccan liquid gold, Elliot uses this for both pre-shave prep to soften the beard and post- shave care to soothe the skin.

3) Black Crucible Mug & Shaving Cream: Elliot uses the crucible mug to help whip up a nice lather and a cream from our in-store multibrand section, we recommend shopping the MÜHLE Shave Care range.

4) Rose Gold Vegan Shaving Brush: Made with our very own premium Silvertip Fibre this beauty is a trusty, durable companion. We recommend a traditional brush stand to help care for & dry your brush after use, or you can shop for a Rose Gold Set here.

5) Alum Block: The original aftershave, the alum block is a naturally occurring substance that was originally part of every barbers equipment, a natural antiseptic it helps close the pores and instantly mend small cuts.

6) Sea Buckthorn Aftershave Balm: Rich in palmitic acid, supporting the natural regeneration of your skin's cell structure, Sea Buckthorn Aftershave Balm is suitable for all skin types.


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