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21Nov Sebastian André Kruthoffer Photographs MÜHLE

Featured in the latest edition of 30 GRAD, Dortmund-based photographer Sebastian André Kruthoffer concentrates on conceptual series and manifold forms of still-life photography. With an expert eye for mysterious productions and illumination, the latest photoshoot captures the unique relationship between nature and MÜHLE design.

The Graphite HEXAGON series shaving set

Pictured: The Graphite HEXAGON series shaving set.

Influenced by the shades of the Ore Mountains, the HEXAGON series is re-established in its inspiration - nature. Made of anodised aluminium the incredibly durable material poses a challenge against even the sharpest spines of the cacti plant.

The HEXAGON series brush and razor stand

Pictured: The HEXAGON series brush and razor stand.

The HEXAGON stand’s understated beauty is thrown into contrast against nature’s elaborate design. The perfect way to maintain your shaving set, a classic brush and razor stand is always a worthy investment. 

The MÜHLE Alum Stone.

Pictured: The MÜHLE Alum Stone.

A naturally occurring substance, the Alum Stone is perfect for sealing small cuts, fighting acne and can also be used as a zero-waste alternative to deodorant. As useful as it is beautiful!

The SOPHIST Porcelain Silvertip Fibre Brush

Pictured: The SOPHIST Porcelain Silvertip Fibre Brush.

One of our softest shaving brushes, our Silvertip fibre range doesn’t have much in common with the prickly cactus. Durable but suitable for even the most sensitive of skin types, Silvertip fibre is uniquely soft at its fine tips, guaranteeing a gentle and pleasant experience, without compromising on the desired backbone of a quality brush head.

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