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16Feb The Art of Brush Making

Only a few experts in the world master the art of brush making, a craft which has its origins in The Ore Mountains, where Otto Müller first started making shaving brushes in 1945. Mühle brushes gained good repute and Müller started shipping his creations far away. As the demand for top quality shaving accessories rose MÜHLE became ever more dedicated to refining the brush-making craft and their products.

This loving, forward thinking approach to brush making continues to be an integral part of the MÜHLE brandnow run by Otto’s grandsons Andreas and Christian Müller. Still based in the Ore Mountains its brush making craftsmanship a true brand legacy.

All MÜHLE series products are made by hand at MÜHLE Manufactory. Brush heads are made in an elaborate procedure, where fibres and hairs are weighed to the exact gram. Specialist brushmakers still sit at vibration-free tables made of granite, their selection of tools includes a coarse wooden comb with metal teeth, steel pliers and a sharp knife. The handle materials are also processed with a good eye and a sure touch; wood surfaces are given a lasting seal using thermal methods and oils. Gleaming surfaces are created in part by repeated polishing treatments. Metal parts made of brass are painstakingly chrome-plated. The assembly of the individual components is also done by hand. At the end, each unique item is once more lovingly scrutinised so it is a thing of rare beauty before it passes into the hands of its new owner.

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