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16Mar How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Whether you’re new to wet shaving or a long-time fan it’salways handy to have a few tips! 

1)     Moisten the face and neck with warm to hot water.

2)     Make a loose lather from shaving soap or cream with thebrush, apply in gentle strokes and enjoy the massage effect, then allow to takeeffect for one or two minutes.

3)     Without applying too much pressure, shave off the beardusing a sharp blade. The point at which you begin and whether you shave againstthe grain can vary individually, and is ultimately a matter ofexperience. 

4)     Rinse the skin with fresh water. After shave, nurturingcream or balm refresh and care for the skin at the same time.

5)     Don’t forget to care for and clean your shaving brush,after your shave.

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