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20Nov The EDITION Ranges

The crowning glory of the MÜHLE programme, the EDITION ranges combine lavish proportions with outstanding finishes. Available in Carbon, Ancient Oak & Sterling Silver and Meissen porcelain, the ranges are made by hand using only the finest precision work. Now also available for customisation, the Meissen collection allows you to…

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02Jul MÜHLE’s Most Noteworthy Finishes

Words by: Veronica BermanAt MÜHLE there is certainly no shortage of striking finishes, and I would like to start this blog with a disclaimer and say that indeed all our finishes are noteworthy. However, having spent time viewing and handling MÜHLE products both in store and online, I have come…

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21Nov Sebastian André Kruthoffer Photographs MÜHLE

Featured in the latest edition of 30 GRAD, Dortmund-based photographer Sebastian André Kruthoffer concentrates on conceptual series and manifold forms of still-life photography. With an expert eye for mysterious productions and illumination, the latest photoshoot captures the unique relationship between nature and MÜHLE design.Pictured: The Graphite HEXAGON series shaving set.Influenced…

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16Sep New to MÜHLE: Authentic Finish Meets Classic Design

MÜHLE’s most classic brushes - SOPHIST, STYLO and CLASSIC - are now available in three new and unique natural materials.Pictured (From left to right): The new Olive Wood CLASSIC brush in Silvertip fibre, SOPHIST Ironwood in Silvertip Fibre and STYLO Spalted Beechwood in Silvertip Fibre.SOPHIST in IronwoodOne of our most traditional and timeless ranges,…

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09May A Quick Guide to Wet Shaving with MÜHLE

Since 1945 MÜHLE has been providing high-quality shaving products all around the world; everywhere from Stützengrün to Singapore. MÜHLE translates traditional wet shaving into modern culture; we turn duty into pleasure, haste into relaxation.The History of Wet Shaving4000 BC               Egyptian noblemen remove unwanted facial…

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14Jan Amos Fricke Photographs MÜHLE

Still life specialist Amos Fricke loves exploring shapes, edges and materiality in order to set the stage for them. The brushes and razors appear larger-than-life and statuesque in his photo series, just like  exaggerated objects of desire.Arranged neatly in a row the badger hair brushes shine in all their glory.Winner of both…

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16Dec MÜHLE Insights; Tradition meets Technology

Step inside the MÜHLE Manufactory in the German Erz Mountains, with CEO Andreas Müller.Traditional techniques combine with modern, up to date technology to create high quality, long-lasting shaving products.More details about how we prepare our brush bundles and polishing processes can be found in the latest edition of 30 Grad…

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16Mar HEXAGON Wins German Design Award

As of February 2018, MÜHLE’s HEXAGON Shaving Set became a two time award winner scooping up the prize of ‘Excellent Product Design’ in addition to the Red Dot Design Award. The highly esteemed, international jury awards prizes to projects that truly represent pioneering contributions to the global design landscape. The…

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26Jan MÜHLE HQ: Sustainable Energy

MÜHLE understands solar energy well; five years ago, the first solar plant was installed on the company's roof in Hundshübel. With the finished annexe in 2017 HQ installed more solar panels, resulting in a huge increase in sustainable power production. The surplus power has been used to cover trips MÜHLE…

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