02Sep Your Organic Skincare Routine

Offering a complete body and skincare routine the unisex ORGANIC range prides itself on using only sustainable natural ingredients. All products are vegan, BDIH certified and all contain the series star ingredient: Argan oil. Traditionally hand pressed and produced by a Moroccan women’s cooperative marketed on a fair-trade basis, Argan…

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17Apr The Superpowers of Sea Buckthorn

With its fresh and citrus fragrance, Sea Buckthorn gives the perfect zing to start your daily shave routine. Claiming anti-ageing, healing and protective properties, Sea buckthorn is another MÜHLE SHAVE CARE favourite and rightly so. Read below as we explore the history of Sea Buckthorn and shed some more light…

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09Jan The Superpowers of Sandalwood

With its classic, masculine fragrance Sandalwood is a much-loved ingredient for natural skincare- and rightly so! Claiming healing, rejuvenating and antiseptic properties Sandalwood is a real superhero of our SHAVE CARE range. Loved by both men and women alike, see below our brief dedication to the wonderful fragrance and all…

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11Oct Aftershave Lotion versus Aftershave Balm

After the great feedback from our last comparison blog, we’ve decided to tackle another major customer query- Aftershave Balm or Lotion? This time, instead of pre-shave preparation, we’re looking at classic aftercare products and all their differences. The two main contenders- Aftershave Lotion and Aftershave Balm- essentially both aim to…

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09Sep The Most Common Wet Shaving Skin Complaints (and how to avoid them)

Scoping from razor burn to nicks, cuts and irritated skin, some of the most common wet shaving complaints can have surprisingly simple causes. See below a list of some of the most common issues, and our tips and tricks to avoid them. Conquer those morning rituals. 1) Razor burn and Skin…

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24May Shaving Soap versus Shaving Cream

When transitioning to wet shaving the amount of information and choices you are faced with can be a little daunting. After carefully researching brush types, razor types and brands you are then left with the question of skincare. The classic question of shaving soap versus shaving cream can be a…

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05Mar Behind the ORGANIC Range: Moroccan Women’s Cooperative

Behind the ORGANIC Range: Moroccan Women’s Cooperative This Friday marks the celebration of International Women’s Day (8th of March), providing the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the women that make our nurturing ORGANIC range possible.Created on a fair-trade basis, the essential Argan Oil used to create the ORGANIC range is…

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14Jan Natural Alumn Stone: All Round Superhero

MÜHLE Natural Alumn Stones are made of natural potassium alum, a material found on rocks in areas of weathering and oxidation. Natural potassium alum stones have antiseptic and astringent qualities.Alumn stones are often referred to as ‘the original aftershave’ as they have been used by barbers to soothe the skin…

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16Aug Argan Oil is the multi-tasking champion!

August is Festival month here in the UK, with Leeds and Reading coming up there’s lots to look forward to and we’re certainly a nation that does festivals well!Obviously, minimising your packing is an essential festival skill- and that includes your toiletries bag. One great approach is to find products…

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