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08Jul How to: Shave Your Body with a Safety Razor

Words by: Veronica Berman, MÜHLE UK Marketing DirectorInspired by all the Instagrammers, bloggers and vloggers who have taken to social media to advocate for the future of our planet and recommend easy green swaps, I ditched disposable razors about four years ago in favour of a MÜHLE Traditional Chrome Safety…

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02Feb Spotlight on Argan Oil!

A marvellous all-rounder and star ingredient of the MÜHLE Organic range, we’ve put together a small quick-fire on the many uses and benefits of Argan oil – a multi-tasking champion that should definitely be on your essential skincare radar!The Organic Argan Oil by MÜHLEWhat is it?Produced from the fruit kernels…

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14Jan Benefits of using Shaving Towels

Investing a little extra time into your pre and post-shave routine is one of the greatest gifts you can give your skin. Aside from being obscenely relaxing, a hot towel is a fantastic way to help open pores and soften the hair for a close irritation-free shave. Designed with a…

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06Aug The Beginner's Guide to Shaving with a Safety Razor

Over the years we've produced a few blogs and IG videos about how to shave with a Safety Razor, also known as a Double Edge Razor. As it's a question that never seems to go out of style, (much like the razor itself), we thought we'd put a complete guide…

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14Aug How to: Care Properly for Shaving Materials

When looked after correctly, MÜHLE products can last a lifetime. To enjoy these investments for as long as possible, however, proper care and attention are required.In particular, the natural materials that inspire so much of the MÜHLE collection, such as wood and horn, benefit from regular cleaning and oiling. Only…

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26Nov MÜHLE London Launch; Safety Razor Shave Demo

MÜHLE London Launch EventDom Blooomfield, Master Barber at The Nomad Barber Berlin, shares Shaving Tips in a Live Safety Razor Shave DemoPhotos by Stefan Haehnel  Words by: Veronica BermanAbout the EventTo celebrate the launch of MÜHLE London in Carnaby, we hosted a relaxed event in our beautiful new store that featured master…

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20Sep How to Lather by The NOMAD BARBER

September is a great time to get your routines down to fine art! Check out our MÜHLE Tutorial with The NOMAD BARBER on three ways to lather. You can use soap or shaving cream- a nice  shaving bowl will come in handy too.For a great selection of shaving bowls, to…

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25May How to Shave with a Double Edge Razor by The NOMAD Barber

Shaving with a double edged razor also known as a Safety Razor has long been increasing in popularity. More people are enjoying the ritual of investing extra time with a single a fine, sharp blade, a process that is naturally done with care and precision, allowing them to achieve a…

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16Mar How To Shave With A Safety Razor

Whether you’re new to wet shaving or a long-time fan it’salways handy to have a few tips! 1)     Moisten the face and neck with warm to hot water.2)     Make a loose lather from shaving soap or cream with thebrush, apply in gentle strokes and enjoy the massage…

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