03Nov DE Razor Shave: Not Just for Boys

With more and more women changing plastic cartridge razors for safety razors, we interviewed our Marketing Director, Veronica Berman, who recently made the swap to ask her about what inspired her to use a DE Razor, benefits of use and techniques and tips she can share. Read what she has…

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20Sep How to Lather by The NOMAD BARBER

September is a great time to get your routines down to fine art! Check out our MÜHLE Tutorial with The NOMAD BARBER on three ways to lather. You can use soap or shaving cream- a nice  shaving bowl will come in handy too.For a great selection of shaving bowls, to…

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25May DE Razor Shave by The NOMAD Barber

Shaving with a double edged razor has long been increasing in popularity. More people are enjoying the ritual of investing extra time with a single a fine, sharp blade, a process that is naturally done with care and precision, allowing them to achieve a shave that is both close and…

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Whether you’re new to wet shaving or a long-time fan it’salways handy to have a few tips! 1)     Moisten the face and neck with warm to hot water.2)     Make a loose lather from shaving soap or cream with thebrush, apply in gentle strokes and enjoy the massage…

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16Feb How to Clean A Shaving Brush

At MÜHLE meticulousness is an important trait, great care is taken when making products so they have longevity for years to come. Making quality products is rewarding, and making re-usable products is good for the planet!  In the spirit of loving the planet (and your shaving kit too) here is…

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