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30Mar The Classic Shaving Brush Range

Featuring an easy, paired back design, connoisseurs rank our CLASSIC brushes among the best in the world. Featuring finishes of black resin, Faux Ivory and Olive Wood the brushes are complimented by premium quality bristles available in both Silvertip Badger or vegan Silvertip fibre. A real pick and mix of…

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21Jul The Best Shaving Brushes for Any Budget

Here at MÜHLE, we pride ourselves on quality above all else. Creating shaving brushes that stand the test of time using the finest materials, we like to think that we offer something for everyone. From showstopping investments to intro our range, our shaving brushes don’t necessarily come with a hefty…

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04Feb The Bundle Guide

The Bundle GuideConnoisseurs rank our shaving brushes among the best in the world. This is a development that we are driving forward continuously with use of innovative synthetic fibres. Our natural brushes consist of high-quality badger hair in three qualities, or our vegan, synthetic alternatives include the premium quality Silvertip Fibre®…

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16Feb How to Clean A Shaving Brush

At MÜHLE meticulousness is an important trait, great care is taken when making products so they have longevity for years to come. Making quality products is rewarding, and making re-usable products is good for the planet!  In the spirit of loving the planet (and your shaving kit too) here is…

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