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06Jul A New Shaving Companion

The dawn of a new era for MÜHLE, the Companion is the first safety razor designed specifically for use on the body and face – it is a razor for everyone.  For a company that has been focused on male-grooming since 1945, the Companion reflects a shifting trend in customer…

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23Apr The Ultimate Razor Guide

Here at MÜHLE, we are dedicated to providing the perfect shave for all of our customers. This means that as well as creating classic double-edged safety razors, we also partner with Gillette to supply our beautiful razors in both Mach3 and Fusion cartridge models. Whether it be personal preference or…

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25Mar Closed Comb versus Open Comb Razors

Referring to the two main styles of double-edged (DE) razors, the difference and benefits between closed and open combs is one of our most frequently asked questions. Formed of three parts, traditional safety razors consist of a handle, top and bottom plate with a blade sandwiched in between the two…

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08Nov How to: Recycle my Razor Blades

An icon of zero-waste, investing in a safety razor can be a fantastic way to become more sustainable. With the razors themselves lasting years upon years, and now even our packaging being completely recyclable, the only real waste product is the razor blades. They are, however, easily recycled- it’s only…

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03Nov DE Razor Shave: Not Just for Boys

With more and more women changing plastic cartridge razors for safety razors, we interviewed our Marketing Director, Veronica Berman, who recently made the swap to ask her about what inspired her to use a DE Razor, benefits of use and techniques and tips she can share. Read what she has…

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