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08Oct Video Tutorial: Open Comb vs Closed Comb Safety Razors

A closer shave, saying bye-bye to razor burn and investing into economical, low-waste and plastic-free products are amongst the top reasons for ditching a cartridge razor and investing in a double-edged, safety razor. As more and more people favour safety razors we are frequently asked about the differences between closed…

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10Sep Video: MÜHLE London Haircut and Shave Tutorial

At our barbershop in Carnaby, London we offer personalised shave tutorials to help you perfect your shave technique for a close, smooth shave. Watch this quick clip where barber Connor guides on the whole process, from shave prep, to safety razor technique, to after-care- and gives a great haircut to…

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10Sep Video: MÜHLE London Open Razor Shave

Check out MÜHLE London Barber Connor, in his element, performing an open-razor (AKA cut-throat razor) shave for a customer. Shot in our London store and Barbershop, located in Carnaby- right in the heart of buzzing Soho.  Interested in booking yourself in?Head over to our Barbershop page where you can find appointments…

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10Sep Video: MÜHLE London Beard-Sculpt

At MÜHLE we embrace the whole facial hair community, whether you’re sporting sculpted-stubble, an impressive bearded-mane, or prefer to go bare-faced! Lots of our products like our beard-scissors and safety razors are great for shaping and sculpting and this is a service we offer in our London Barbershop too. Check…

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11Mar MÜHLE Safety Razors: Elliot's Top Picks

Watch MÜHLE London Head Barber Elliot Forbes present some of our bestselling safety razors, outlining key differences between different head types as well as different handle types so you can choose the one that's best for you! Elliot's Top Picks1. Traditional Rose Gold Safety Razor (Closed Comb AKA 89 head)With an…

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03Feb Shaving Towels Demo with Elliot Forbes

The Benefits of using Shaving TowelsWatch MÜHLE Head Barber Elliot Forbes delight in some well-deserved manpering as he talks about the benefits of shaving towels. Not only an obscenely relaxing creature comfort, using a shaving towel pre- and post-shave is also great for skin. There’s still time to take advantage of…

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13Jan Stay-at-Home Shaving Rituals

Need a little stay-at-home manpering inspiration? Look no further! MÜHLE Head Barber Elliot Forbes shows how it's done in this 40 second demo. Get the kit! Here's what Elliot used if you're after a little stay-at-home manpering for yourself: 1) Rose Gold Safety Razor (closed comb). We recommend adding an additional pack of blades to…

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06Oct How to Shape Your Beard, MÜHLE Grooming Rituals

More and more guys are sporting a little (or a lot) of facial hair these days and here at MÜHLE we're all for facial hair freedom! Talk to any barber and they'll tell you that the key to a great beard is a little  shaping - and your best friend…

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