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12May Our Holiday Checklist

Summer approaches and with it, travel season! With more and more people travelling abroad, for many of us, it’s the first time in two years we’ve felt confident enough to do so- so it can be a mission trying to remember exactly how and what to bring! See below as…

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29Aug A Celebration of Wellness Travel

Photographer Maximilian Virgili depicts Wanderlust at its best, with his images of MÜHLE Travel Products in special places.The last weekend in August often fills us with mixed emotions. Marking the end of summer and the beginning of back to school routines it can be a time of reflection on memories…

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03Jul How to: Shaving whilst Travelling

With the summer season officially upon us, many of us will be travelling. Whether it be for business or pleasure, the morning ritual of shaving is something you no longer need to be without. See below our tips on travel, and the accessories you cannot be without this summer.The BrushAlthough…

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11Apr True Style has to Come from Within: Q & A with Mark Powell

We recently interviewed our Carnaby neighbour and style icon, Mark Powell. Established in 1985,  Powell was one of the first to successfully bridge the gap between the traditions of Savile Row and contemporary street style and is renowned for his nostalgically and classically inspired tailoring, combined with experimental cuts and…

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19Feb Grooming Trivia: The Beard Tax

The Beard TaxHere at MÜHLE the history of wet shaving never fails to fascinate.The import of a beard, or lack of one, has quite often held greater significance than just personal choice. Whether it be status, fashion or by rule- beards have a singularly unique history of meaning.Perhaps one of…

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05Jul Silvertip Fibre® is the only way to Travel

 Silvertip Fibre/Chrome Travel Shaving Brush and Razor‘Wet shaving is a traditional segment, marked by rather traditional products  . . still our standards are and always will be to keep refining these products; to take the next step and innovate exactly where it makes sense.’ Andreas Muller, Managing Director, MÜHLE / Hans-Jürgen Müller…

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20Apr The Eklund sisters feature in 30 Grad

The latest issue of 30 Grad magazine features an interview with  Annica and Marie Eklund of the Swedish company, Bolon, makers of nylon-yarn designer flooring.  Starting out as a manufacturer of patchwork rugs before graduating to camping mats, the Eklund sisters have been breathing new life into the family business;…

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