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17Nov Behind the MÜHLE Beardcare Line

Founded in 1945, MÜHLE has long been a heritage brand of traditional shaving culture. Renowned for exceptional shaving hardware, the MÜHLE collection has developed with the company, slowly expanding to offer nourishing skin care treatments as well as staple shave care for a holistic Rasurkultur experience.

Always created with a keen focus on quality, as well as a profound respect for nature, the new beardcare series is no exception. Beautifully presented in amber glass containers, the line has an eye-catching appearance, reminiscent of old-fashioned pharmaceutical bottles. Exceedingly easy to recycle, the glass offers an eco-friendly alternative to plastic packaging and acquires its unique colouring from the natural impurities in the sand used to make it.

Entirely vegan-friendly, the range is warmly scented with notes of bergamot and cedarwood. To find out more, read below as we explore each product within the collection!

The MÜHLE Beardcare Collection
The MÜHLE Beardcare Collection

Beard Shampoo

A magnet of dirt and dust, beards- like hair- can benefit from a routine shampooing! Unlike regular shampoo, which can leave the skin dry, the MÜHLE Beard Shampoo has been specially formulated to leave the face, as well as the beard, hydrated. Softening the hair, whilst gently cleansing the skin the shampoo helps relieve irritation to leave beards healthy and full. Featuring sea salt to help provide texture and volume, the shampoo also contains coconut extract to help hydrate the hair and skin. 

To use, simply dampen your beard and massage in a small quantity of shampoo. After lathering, rinse your beard thoroughly with clean water. Championing pure, plant-based ingredients the shampoo leaves you enveloped by the warm scent of bergamot, wood and oakmoss- ready to start the day!

And it gets even better still when MÜHLE Beard Oil and Beard Wax join the fray…

Beard Oil

The perfect follow on from the MÜHLE Beard Shampoo, the new MÜHLE Beard Oil offers additional pampering to leave beard hair neat and glossy. Lightweight, the oil features selected extracts of almond, coconut, grape seed, avocado and jojoba for a naturally antioxidant and nourishing formula. 

Giving your beard a silky sheen, the MÜHLE Beard Oil is mildly fragranced with the collections signature scent. Bergamot, wood and oakmoss combine to create a fresh, pleasantly warm fragrance- who knew looking after your beard could be such a delight!

The MÜHLE Beardcare Collection
The MÜHLE Beardcare Collection

Beard Wax

For the finishing touch, MÜHLE Beard Wax can be used to style and shape your beard hair. Easy to work with, the wax uses the finest beeswax to ensure a smooth texture that’s kind to the skin. Complimented by extracts of mango seed, sunflower and argan oil simply work the wax between your hands before applying.

Fragranced with notes of bergamot, wood and oakmoss to accompany you with their warm scent throughout the day.

The MÜHLE Beard Wax
The MÜHLE Beard Wax

Beard Scissors

Made from matt stainless steel, the MÜHLE beard, nose and ear hair trimming scissors are sure to meet all your facial hair grooming needs.

In addition to helping keep beards neat and sharp, these manual trimmers are also complete with rounded tips for additional safety, making them perfect for trimming both nose and ear hair. 

Lightweight and ergonomic, the scissors are simple and comfortable to use.

Beard Brush

Fitting comfortably in your hand thanks to the brushes neat, oval shape the MÜHLE beard brush quickly turns the chore of daily beard care into a cherished routine.

Featuring vegan, Tampico Fibre bristles made from agave plant fibres, the brush polishes and detangles the beard, ensuring hair is left visibly healthy with a natural shine.

Originating from Austria, the handle of the brush is made from oiled pear wood and is sourced from FSC® certified forests.

The MÜHLE Beard Brush
The MÜHLE Beard Brush

Stubble Balm

Designed expressly for shorter beard hair, the MÜHLE Stubble Balm is absorbed quickly by the skin to leave the face hydrated and stubble soft. Helping to alleviate stubble irritation, the balm is fantastic for sensitive skin containing extracts of Aloe Vera and Wheat Germ Oil. The richest natural source of vitamin E, Wheat Germ oil is an exceptionally nourishing antioxidant, restoring moisture to dry and delicate skin.

The MÜHLE Stubble Balm is an easy-going companion in your daily grooming ritual.

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