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31May Father's Day Gift Guide

Finding that perfect gift to celebrate Father’s Day can be a challenge, and with the date soon approaching – the 16th of June – we’ve given a helping hand and compiled a list of our ultimate classics. A gift guide guaranteed to be the perfect way to treat your dad.1.…

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24May Shaving Soap versus Shaving Cream

When transitioning to wet shaving the amount of information and choices you are faced with can be a little daunting. After carefully researching brush types, razor types and brands you are then left with the question of skincare. The classic question of shaving soap versus shaving cream can be a…

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09May A Quick Guide to Wet Shaving with MÜHLE

Since 1945 MÜHLE has been providing high-quality shaving products all around the world; everywhere from Stützengrün to Singapore. MÜHLE translates traditional wet shaving into modern culture; we turn duty into pleasure, haste into relaxation.The History of Wet Shaving4000 BC               Egyptian noblemen remove unwanted facial…

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