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29Aug A Celebration of Wellness Travel

celebration of wellness travel

Photographer Maximilian Virgili depicts Wanderlust at its best, with his images of MÜHLE Travel Products in special places.

The last weekend in August often fills us with mixed emotions. Marking the end of summer and the beginning of back to school routines it can be a time of reflection on memories made as well as resolutions for a healthier approach to the work-life balance that inevitably comes with the more regimented schedules of September. This remarkable year of 2020, perhaps more so than ever, presents this, as schools open their doors post lockdown and all our summer travel plans inevitably effected by the global pandemic which has reached every corner the world.

But did you know that September also marks World Tourism Day, on Sept 27th to be exact? Established by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in 1980 to promote sustainable, responsible and universally accessible tourism, it’s a celebration of the benefits tourism brings both tourist locations and, of course, the tourists themselves as travel and exploration opens the mind to new possibilities.

MUHLE travel bag

Sun-kissed: Brush, Razor from the Purist Series in Karelian Masur Birch com in a small MÜHLE Travel Bag, with coastal, fresh Sea Buckthorn Aftershave Lotion . Photo by Maximilian Virgili.

Tourism can describe travel for pleasure both foreign and domestic and can be traced back to Ancient China when Kings took great pains to protect the roads and build waystations for travellers. Of course, today more and more of us have enjoyed tourist activities, with a reduced price of transport making it increasingly accessible and the rightful perception of the tourist journey as being a vital part of wellbeing.

The phrase “staycation,” is tossed around every year, but it’s never been more fitting than summer 2020 as holidaymakers around the world looked a little closer to home for their travel fix after long stretches spent indoors. Another increasingly growing phrase: ‘wellness travel’ or ‘slow travel’ supports tourism that increases one’s sense of wellbeing by reconnecting with nature and the mindfulness that comes with living in the present through being physically active, rituals, diet, rest and taking on new creative activities.

Here at MÜHLE, we’ve taken heart from the resilience of summer staycations and inspiration from the renewed focus on wellness, with mindfulness and an affinity with nature being central to our values. In this spirit, this blog is a celebration of wellness travel, showing the connection between selfcare and nature, images of MÜHLE’s home in the German Ore Mountains and the mindfulness which is integral to the ritual of shaving.

An affinity with nature through the centuries: A photo from our 30 Grad Feature, on Santa Maria Novella in Tuscany back in 2018, the world’s oldest pharmaceutical and grooming company (which can trace its roots to 1221)  connects with nature, elixirs and balms are created using ancient monastery knowledge from the natural world.

Trees in the beautiful Ore Mountains, where the MÜHLE Manufactory has been based since 1945. Walking in the woods lowers blood pressure and heart rate, especially when paired with mindfulness. ‘Forest Bathing’ a Japanese tradition has made wellbeing-focused walks trendy around the world. It’s been shown that even looking at trees decreases levels of the stress hormone cortisol, luckily many of us can access this kind of tourism without having to travel too far.

Mountain Zen, a view from above and being close to water brings instant mindfulness and calm. Whether you’re having a paddle, boating, or simply enjoying the view. Another image of the Ore Mountains, where MÜHLE is based.

Practice mindfulness by focusing on the present: Wet-Shaving is a ritual that brings focus and calm, especially with the right tools. The vegan MÜHLE travel brush conveniently packs away into the handle so you can enjoy your grooming rituals wherever you are, pictured here with theTravel Fusion razor in chrome.


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